How climate-friendly is your Thanksgiving dinner?


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This week, a whole lot of Americans will sit down to Thanksgiving turkeys raised on farms; turkeys that have eaten corn and soybeans that needed land and fertilizer and other resources to grow. And although those turkeys are way better for the climate than beef (which is why Thanksgiving is way better for the climate than the Fourth of July), they’re still the most emissions-intensive part of the meal outside of Tofurkey or wild turkey.

In this first ever Thanksgiving episode of Climavores, Mike and Tamar break down the climate impact of America’s ultimate food holiday – from cranberries to sweet potatoes. Spoiler alert: it’s not bad! They also reflect on the intimate connection Native Americans and early settlers had with their food and the land. And they give thanks for the less than one percent of Americans who grow our food.

Plus, Tamar remembers her mother.


The Washington Post: Tamar on the climate impact of Thanksgiving dinner

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