Nick Dilks | The role of ecosystem restoration in economic development


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Are there unavoidable tradeoffs between human economic development and environmental conservation? Long before there were carbon offsets to help address climate change, there were environmental offsets – or projects undertaken to counterbalance significant but unavoidable negative impacts to wetlands, streams, and other important natural resources caused by infrastructure, commercial, industrial, or residential development. In the U.S., these sorts of projects are actually mandated by various state and federal environmental permitting regulations. But many of us – including many environmentalists – are completely unaware of the environmental offset market and how it works.

In this episode, Chad Reed sits down with Nick Dilks, Managing Partner at Ecosystem Investment Partners (or EIP). EIP acquires, restores, and permanently protects conservation properties and sells the mitigation credits generated by the projects to a diverse group of customers who must offset their unavoidable environmental impacts. Nick discusses EIP’s role in the environmental offset and mitigation banking markets in support of environmental restoration at scale. Note that EIP is a client of Hannon Armstrong.

We also note and celebrate today the one year anniversary of the launch of the Climate Positive Podcast. With support from Hannon Armstrong, Chad, Hilary, and Gil started this podcast to delve into both the personal stories of the leaders, innovators, and changemakers driving our climate positive future and the sometimes wonky details of the wide array of climate positive topics and initiatives these leaders are engaged with. We encourage you to check out each of our first year’s 20 episodes, and we thank you for listening.


Episode recorded March 10, 2022

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