Rebroadcast: Hurricane, Deathtron 3000


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IMPORTANT: If you reside in any potential, forecasted or predicted path of Hurricane Dorian, we advise you to make immediate plans to evacuate. Your safety, your family's safety and the safety of your fur babies are not worth the risk of remaining at your home. Personal items can be cannot.

Rebroadcast from April 2018. Here's how behavioral science will nudge, influence and persuade you to evacuate from a hurricane.

Fear-based messages are likely to be persuasive; however, “full-fear” could backfire and damage the message’s impact. Hurricanes are also fearful, but most people prefer to remain in their homes when a named-storm is approaching.

During this episode, Hurricane Deathtron 3000, Michael Barbera and Clicksuasion contributors Cara Cuite and Rebecca Morss discuss how fear-based messages and hurricane names could persuade people to evacuate.

Dr. Rebecca E. Morss is a Senior Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, where she is also Deputy Director of the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboratory. She has interdisciplinary expertise in weather forecasting systems and risk communication, with an emphasis on high-impact weather including...

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