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The definition or meaning of UX is changing. What was once considered a service of convenience has now become essential. COVID-19 has changed the perspective of the user where it’s not about complex CRM systems or bonus points.

  • Has all the investment made towards in-store experience gone to the dumps?
  • Will this be changed for good or is it temporary?
  • Do we know it all?

The answers are no but one thing is for sure: habits and behaviors will be rewritten.

Whether you are a small business owner or a marketer, this session will help you enhance user experience and usability by adapting during these unusual times where we all are struggling. Learn how companies around the world are staying relevant to their customers.


Chetna Teckchandani works with BetterSpace, a UK based mental health start-up with a focus on improving customer success. Prior to this, she consulted a micro-insurance start-up for reducing drop-out rates during the customer buying journey. She comes with a background in marketing management with an interest in analyzing motivational influences on behavior and interpreting psychological insights.

Recorded at the Consumer Uncertainty Conference, May 2020

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