Accidental Marketing | Recorded Live from Pinehurst, North Carolina


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So, what’s this accidental marketing stuff?

You know that success does not happen by accident. You’ve always succeeded with a plan and a purpose (mind blown, right?)

During the Accidental Marketing Lunch & Learn, a rockstar panel of marketers was moderated by finance influencer Janet Galloway.

The panelists discussed the IMPACT Marketing Strategy

IDENTIFY & MEASURE: Determine the target audience for your service or product

PLAN: Develop a marketing strategy that will gain and retain customers

ATTRACT: Choose powerful, concise, and effective words to attract your target audience

CHOOSE: Select the most appropriate branding materials that will sell your product or service

TELL: Share your story, so it resonates with your audience creating a lasting impression


Dr. Michael Barbera | Clicksuasion Labs

Donna Ellis | Ellis Design Group

Diane McSweeney | Freelance Writer & Editor

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John Vaughan | Story Focus Media


Janet Galloway | B&B Strategic Partners


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