Ep 44: Deena McKinley is the CMO of Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches


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The two brands that form the focus of today’s episode are close to my heart, not only because their food is absolutely delicious, but also because Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo were the places where I worked my first and second jobs. Deena McKinley’s career path started out seemingly a long way away from these iconic restaurants, but as you’ll hear today, a lot of the skills she developed as an English teacher, have been very useful in her role as CMO. In this show, Deena and I discuss how she and her team have reignited these long-time favorite eateries through combining their historical allure with technological advancements. Technology and marketing are completely intertwined these days and Deena has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this realm. Deena shares what her three-pronged marketing approach consists of, what she has achieved since becoming CMO, why she doesn’t see third-party delivery apps as a threat, and the importance of asking questions. All the talk of turkey sandwiches and cheeseburger subs will no doubt have your mouth watering, so make sure you have a Papa Gino’s or D’Angelo is close by when you listen to this!

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