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Jessie Thomas is the creator and owner of Farm Girl Fitness; a small group training facility with a focus on Fresh Air Fitness. Farm Girl Fitness was established in the summer of 2020 to help provide people a safe place to workout, socialize and support mental health during the pandemic. Multiple studio shutdowns due to Covid-19 created opportunities for Farm Girl Fitness to pivot. Jessie kept people moving by creating unique ways to workout outside, even during the winter. Because of Jessie's creativity and determination to succeed, Farm Girl Fitness not only survived the pandemic, but has also expanded to include 2 indoor studios on Jessie’s family’s farm.
Jessie has been in the fitness industry since 2008 as a Can Fit Pro certified group fitness instructor and coach. She was named one of Impact Magazine’s Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers and Instructors for 2022. She is known among her peers and participants for her core values of caring, respect and positivity. She is passionate about helping others to develop confidence in themselves, a love of fitness, and a positive body image.
Jessie has spoken about her ability to pivot in business on Breakfast Television, the CanFitPro 2021 Women Who Influence panel, and can be heard on other podcasts “Breaking Body Bias” and “The Empowered Hour”.
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