Episode 183: Wire Taps—High Bars and Vaulting to Success


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This week, Alex and Graham connect for another 'transatlantic' episode of WireTaps, as Graham wraps up some US travels. Before the two hosts tackle the usual WireTaps stuff, Alex puts Graham on the spot to weigh in on the classic essay / interview question that asks applicants to talk about "someone you admire". Later, Graham highlights a whole slate of upcoming events, including one for career switchers (https://bit.ly/careerswitchmba) and several for those looking at essay questions for R2 application (https://bit.ly/essayeventseries). As to this week's featured applicants, they once again run the gamut from a stellar candidate with impressive numbers and healthcare entrepreneurship goals to a former professional gymnast and decorated coach, to an early-bird looking to stand out in a potentially crowded pool. This episode was recorded in Philadelphia, USA and Cornwall, England. It was produced by the fabulous Dennis Crowley in glorious West Philadelphia. Please remember to rate and review the show wherever you listen! You can also email Graham and Alex by writing to info@clearadmit.com, using the subject line WireTaps.

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