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This unique conductor/daughter and violinist/mother collaboration are particularly fitting as Still cherished family and his music are deeply personal. Known as the “Dean of Afro-American Composers,” Still hoped “that my music may serve a purpose larger than mere music. If it will help in some way to bring about better interracial understanding in America and in other countries, then I will feel that the work is justified.” May 11, 2022, will mark Still’s 127th birthday.

William Grant Still Track List

1. Can’t You Line ’Em (1940) [4:01]

2. 3 Visions – No. 2. Summerland (1936) [4:40]

3. Quit Dat Fool’nish (1935) [1:40]

4. Pastorela (1946) [11.56]

American Suite (c. 1918) [7:45]

5. I. Indian Love Song [2:30]

6. II. Danse [1:40]

7. III. Lament [3:35]

8. Fanfare for the 99th Fighter Squadron (1945) [0:51]

9. Serenade (1957) [5:58]

Violin Suite (1943) [16:58]

10. I. African Dancer [5:42]

11. II. Mother and Child [8:41]

12. III. Gamin [2:35]

13. Threnody: In Memory of Jean Sibelius (1965) [6:13]
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