Youssef Amrani, consensus, value & social capital


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In this episode, we talk to Youssef Amrani - Independent Cosmos Hub contributor & Advisor to Agoric.

He is an active co-author of ATOM 2.0 white paper and the initiator of a working group aimed at revamping ATOM tokenomics & growth strategy. Youssef’s area of focus: token supply, liquid staking, the role of ATOM in DeFi.

At Agoric, Youssef Amrani defines economic design, evaluates new collateral types and mitigates economic & regulatory risk.

We spoke to Youssef Amrani about Cosmos, and:
  • Youssef’s background
  • Importance of education
  • Social capital & Engagement
  • Democracy as a consensus algorithm
  • Proof-of-stake system & Rewarding contributors
  • Why do we still use dying fiat currencies?
  • USDC in Cosmos & How should we handle experiments?
  • Top 3 projects & Motivation
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Special Guest: Youssef Amrani.


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