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In this episode, we talk to Riley Edmund, the co-founder of Stride Labs, a liquid staking protocol built with Cosmos SDK & Tendermint.

Stride allows users to liquid stake any IBC-compatible cosmos SDK native appchain token. Under the hood, Stride leverages the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, Interchain Accounts and Interchain Queries.

We spoke to Riley about Stride, and:

  • Liquid staking
  • How to choose a validator & Governance
  • IBC & tokenomics
  • Bridgewater & Sustainable business models
  • The path towards blockchain & Blockchain Berkeley
  • The team
  • Issues with launching the project
  • Advice on which mistakes to avoid
  • Motivation

The projects and people that have been mentioned in this episode:

| Tendermint | Cosmos | Stride | Bridgewater | Juno | CoinGecko | Osmosis | QuickSilver | Berkeley |

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Special Guest: Riley Edmunds.

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