The Flagship Show: The Oscars Suck! Or Erik's Favourite Scores of 2021 - Part 1


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That's right folks, the Oscars suck! But we've suspected that for many years now. But this year, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, officially, publicly, declared their show to be an utter joke! Now, they didn't say that directly, but, according to Variety...

"Several major Academy Awards will not be presented on the air during this year’s Oscars in an effort to present a more streamlined and television-friendly broadcast. Eight honors will instead be awarded during off-air parts of the show and then edited into the telecast."

What are the eight categories that the Academy deemed to be meaningless?

"The awards that will be handed out earlier in the ceremony are for documentary short, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live action short and sound. The ceremony will start one hour before the on-camera portion begins in order to accommodate the changes."

And there you have it... proof that the Academy has NEVER cared about secondary categories. They don't even pay attention to them. Do you REALLY think a major producer or actor is sitting at home pondering who they'll pick for the best animated short film? Of course not! It's a popularity contest. The flavour of the month! It's farse! So, yes, the Oscars officially suck!

As a result, I've chosen to boycott the Oscars until they clean up their act. Actually, I haven't watched the Oscars in a few years since seeing millionaires pat themselves on the back every year no longer interests me. And the show is always too lengthy, with overlong dance routines, uninteresting montages, and politically heated acceptance speeches that no one wants to watch or listen to. But, hey, let's continue to show complete performances of each of the five nominated songs. That seems to be the only musical category that matters to the Academy. Why watch a composer like Hildur Guðnadóttir win the first-ever Academy Award for best original dramatic score by a woman? I'm sure no one wanted to watch her inspirational speech, right?

Over the years, I've dedicated a number of broadcasts to the Academy Awards. I've even mentioned how many Oscars a composer has earned on several occasions. That will no longer be the case here at Cinematic Sound Radio. I'm not going to mention the Academy again until they alter their methods, and I'm also not going to promote their phoney awards. The Oscars Suck! Instead, I'll discuss what I enjoyed last year.

So, in part one of this two-part programme, I'll talk about and play music from the 2021 soundtracks that I liked. However, there is one significant modification to the show's format. I'm not going to do a countdown. I'm just going to spotlight a few scores that I really like and play either a single track or a whole suite. Having said that, I'm going to save my favourite 2021 score till the conclusion of part two.

On the program today, you'll hear music from Nicolas Britell, Hans Zimmer, Simon Franglen, Gordy Haab, Alexander Temple, Alex Seaver, Bear McCreary, Christophe Beck, Natalie Holt, Oscar M. Leanizbarrutia, James Newton Howard and Craig Flaster.

Enjoy the show!


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