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Today you get to enjoy our very first show programmed by one of our patrons from the CONDUCTOR TIER over at our Patreon page. In this tier, donors get all of the benefits of lower tiers PLUS they earn the opportunity to program their very own personal one-hour(ish) show once a year. Friend, patron and long time listener of the show, Alan Rogers, took advantage of this opportunity and this is the show that he put together for us to enjoy.

Here is how Alan described the inspiration for the show.

"Scotland has been an inspiration for numerous films and Scottish composers have been prominent in film and television scoring. This show showcases some of the music from Scottish composers and the films and TV shows where Scotland played a prominent role in their creation.

The show is divided into three parts. Firstly, one section features music from films set in Scotland – some historical tales but other more contemporary. Second, there is a section featuring the music from documentaries whose subject relates to some aspects of the history of Scotland as well as the natural history of the nation. Finally, there’s a selection of tracks from films where the filmmakers have used the spectacular scenery of Scotland for their movies.

Also, interspersed between these sections are featured music written by Scottish-born composers."

I think Alan did a fantastic job curating this show for us and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did narrating it!

After the show was produced, Alan sent me this very kind message.

"Thanks Erik for reinvigorating my enthusiasm for film music with your Patreon. Offering me the opportunity of an alternate experience with the genre is great. Thank you!"

I responded by saying…

"Thanks for the kind note, Alan. Truly though, the Patreon has reinvigorated my love for film music as well as podcasting. It’s been a fantastic experience so far and I love interacting with my biggest fans and making them (you) happy!"

With that being said, I hope you all enjoy the program. If you would like to program your own show then all you need to do is head over to our Patreon page and sign up for the CONDUCTOR TIER. We'd love to have you join the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST Patreon family. But don't feel like you have to join. I'm not forcing anyone to join. Remember this podcast will always be free to listen to but if you want to support the program and join the community we've formed on Patreon then we'd love to have you.

And when you are done with this show head over to Alan's soundtrack review site at Reel Music.

Enjoy the show!


Special thanks to our Patreon supporters: Matt DeWater, David Ballantyne, Mindtrickzz, Joe Wiles, Rich Alves, Maxime, William Welch, Tim Burden, Alan Rogers, Dave Williams, Max Hamulyák, Jeffrey Graebner, Douglas Lacey, Don Mase, Victor Field, Jochen Stolz, Emily Mason, Eric Skroch, Alexander Schiebel, Alphonse Brown, John Link, Andreas Wennmyr, Matt Berretta, Kadya, Elizabeth and Claytemple Media.


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