2021 Christmas Special


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In today program, it's our 2021 Christmas Special.

Before we begin I just want to again personally offer my thanks to the great team here at the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST. It’s been another tough year for everyone not just here on the network but all over the world. And it's not getting any better. We truly do hope that you are staying safe during these tough times and hopefully the programming here on the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST has injected a bit of hope and joined into your life during the past 12 months.

So a big thanks to, Jason Drury, Eric Silver, Robert Daniels, Randy Andrew, in house composer David Coscina, and Ley Bricknell. And we can't forget about the newest member of the team, J. Blake Fichera, who I've admired for a very long time. I love his SCORED TO DEATH series of books and I'm so proud to have him on the network producing his fantastic horror music-themed program, SCORED TO DEATH RADIO. Last but not least, a big thank you to our long time voice of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO, Tim Burden.

And of course, I cannot forget you... the listener! Thank you very much for spending some time with us today!

On today's program, six CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST hosts join me again to celebrate the holiday season by playing Christmas themed music from a wide variety of film, TV and video game scores.    Join Robert Daniels from OBSCURE SCORES, Jason Drury from THE ARCHIVE & TALKING SOUNDTRACKS, Ley Bricknell from FILMIC, J. Blake Fichera from SCORED TO DEATH RADIO, Randy Andrew's from THE ANIME SPECTACULAR & SOUNDTRACK ALLEY, the voice of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO, Tim Burden and me, Erik Woods, for our annual Yuletide spectacular.

On the show today, you are going to hear a wide variety of Christmas / Holiday / Winter themed music includingA BOY CALLED CHRISTMAS (Marianelli), MIRACLE OF 34th STREET (Broughton), 8-BIT CHRISTMAS (Trapanese), TOKYO GODFATHERS (Suzuki / Moonriders) THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF JONATHAN TOOMEY (Farley), A VISIT FROM SAINT NICHOLAS ("'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS") (Moore / vocal: Robin Williams) and 3615 CODE PÈRE NOËL (Lalanne).


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