Bonus Episode: Unpacking 'Candyman'


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The new "Candyman" has a lot to unpack for a 90-minute horror film. It cleverly continues the story of the original 1992 film that boasted Tony Todd in the title role but it is also a stunning reimagining of the character through a Black lens. The new film was directed by Nia Da Costa and co-written by Da Costa and Jordan Peele. I invited UC Riverside professor of media and cultural studies John Jennings to join me for a bonus podcast where we peel back just a few of the many layers of this amazing film. The film opened in cinemas earlier this month and becomes available VOD on Sept. 17. NOTE: This podcast has spoilers so if you haven't seen the film, correct that oversight right now and then come back to listen to the podcast. But if you have seen it, then let's dive into this film.

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