Ep. 111: Giving Yourself Permission to Heal and What Trauma Really is with Ashley Bernardi


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In today’s episode, we dive deep into trauma- what it is and how it affects each of us. We all have trauma and it looks different for everyone. Christina and Jessie chat with Ashley Bernardi, author of the book, “Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel” all about leaning into our trauma, not masking our feelings, finding a helpful practitioner and her FEEL method,

We absolutely loved talking to Ashley today - she’s such a bright light and so fun to talk to! We hope you all love her podcast as much as we do!

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Diving into Ashley’s story with Lyme Disease and Postpartum Depression

  • How Ashley describes trauma and is what does it mean when they say trauma is stored in the body?

  • Everyone has trauma… no matter how big or how small

  • Jessie shares her financial and illness trauma with her husband that almost ended their engagement

  • Even if people experience the same trauma, you will all experience it differently

  • How numbing and ignoring your feelings and trauma will eventually knock you down

  • The chronic illness and trauma connection

  • Overachievers… are we actually just really traumatized and haven’t worked through it?

  • Christina’s shame around previously having mom/wife rage and how that was stored emotions and trauma that couldn’t get out

  • The importance of finding a practitioner who will listen to you and truly want to help you

  • Diving into Ashley’s FEEL Method and how you can try it right now

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