Chronic Victory Podcast #60 - Wanting to Give Up


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I explain why you shouldn't kill yourself, a value about yourself that you might not notice, some considerations and things we can do when we feel like giving up. There is a better way than suicide, we just need to find it!

  • A new answer to the question: Why shouldn't I kill myself?
  • Weighing options offers a clear answer.
  • Death reveals itself to us, Living offers chance and hope and unknown.
  • Curiosity plays a part.
  • Something you're NOT seeing right now.
  • Don't believe the LIE that you are ALONE.
  • You're right, I AM EMOTIONAL.
  • Concept of Refocusing.
  • You've won this battle before, you can do it again.
  • From "I have to..." to "I GET to...".
  • Go to work as a human being.
  • Your gift of perspective.
  • Make sure it takes a long time to be killed.

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