Karunungan at Kayamanan


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Sermon: Karunungan at Kayamanan Speaker: Ptr. Joseph Ouano Scripture: Ecclesiastes 5:8-20 Ngayong linggo, ipinapaalala ni Ptr. Joseph Ouano na kung ang ating kaligayahan ay nakasalalay sa kung gaano kalaki o kaliit ang ating kayamanan at pera, hindi natin lubusang mai-enjoy ang maikli nating buhay sa mundo. The love of money does not buy happiness. This week, Ptr. Joseph warns us that when our happiness is based on the size of our wealth and fortune, we won't truly enjoy our short life on earth. Discussion questions at https://cbcp.org/blog/2021/05/09/karunungan-at-kayamanan/ Join a Life Group: https://cbcp.org/lifegroups Find an event: https://cbcp.org/events Learn how to give: https://cbcp.org/giving Website: https://cbcp.org Facebook: https://facebook.com/cbcponline YouTube: https://youtube.com/cbcponline Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cbcponline Instagram: https://instagram.com/cbcponline

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