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Hi, it’s Chris. Remember me? Photography Tips from the Top Floor is back and better than ever. I’ll still talk photography, but the show will also branch out into other topics here and there, where I discuss things from my other podcasts The Future of Photography and Happy Shooting as well as my German production CM MAGAZIN. Of course this goes both ways.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. You can reach me at voice@tfttf.com (send voice recordings!), or follow @tfttfphoto on Twitter for show announcements. Thanks for listening, and I’m glad to be back!


  • [OTHER] CM MAGAZIN : Chris started his (German) CM MAGAZIN in January 2020. Going forward, it will be one of the sources for some of the more nerdy TFTTF topics.
  • [PHOTO] Lensrentals AMA : A fun AMA (ask me anything) by Lensrentals on Reddit. Watch out for the bear attack. Note: TFTTF is not affiliated with Lensrentals.
  • [NEWS] Leica & Panasonic: L squared : Leica and Panasonic have announced their new brand, “L² Technology.” Unfortunately, there isn’t much information in the press release. This isn’t really a new collaboration though, as together with Sigmar the two companies founded the “L Mount Alliance” in 2018.
  • [PHOTO] iOS 16 Photo Stuff : iOS 16 will make even more use of the phone’s cameras, including features like insect recognition and automatic subject cutout.

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