379 | The Hidden Job Market


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In this week's episode, Brad and Jonathan welcome back Bradley Rice and Anita from Talent Stacker to discuss the hidden job market and how you can break into it!

Many consider the best path to a successful career getting an education, claiming a certification or degree, and working your way up the corporate ladder. But what if there could be an alternative? Utilizing your current skills, developing some new skills, and successfully networking could be your key to unlocking the hidden job market and leveling up your career! Listen along to learn how Bradley and Anita took this path less traveled and see if it can be applicable to your life and career!

Bradley Rice and Anita


  • 1:29 - Introduction
  • 4:06 - Unorthodox Choices, Radical Results
  • 13:52 - No Degree Needed and Developing Skills
  • 23:35 - Overcoming Traditional Objections
  • 29:04 - Finding Communities
  • 32:03 - Personal Branding
  • 37:22 - The Hidden Job Market
  • 43:30 - Volunteer Experience and Interviews
  • 55:10 - Compounding The Positives
  • 59:10 - The Salesforce For Everyone Podcast
  • 66:15 - Conclusion

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