378 | Earning Power: The Best Protection Against Inflation


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In this week's episode, Brad and Jonathan dissect the idea of earning power being used as a weapon to combat inflation, and strategies you can implement to level up your income!

One of the best ways to reduce the impact inflation has on your life is to out-earn the inflation rate. While that solution can easily fall under the umbrella phrase of, "easier said than done," there are actions you can take to make that process easier for yourself! Listen along as the guys discuss different strategies to approach raising your income and see if any of them can apply to you and your FI journey!


  • 0:55 - Introductions and Season's Change
  • 5:37 - Times is a Resource
  • 9:10 - Start With Spending
  • 14:07 - College Cynicism
  • 21:53 - The Career Freedom of FI
  • 25:04 - Income Combatting Inflation
  • 28:10 - Performance Reviews and Standing Out
  • 36:15 - The Art of Salary Negotiation
  • 43:00 - Influence
  • 45:03 - The Script
  • 51:31 - How Can I Improve This?
  • 53:42 - Opportunity and Conclusion

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