Fuck Shame, Start A Movement with Dr. Adi Jaffe


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Season 2, Episode 45!
Fuck Shame, Start A Movement with Dr. Adi Jaffe
Big, BIG episode of the podcast. We got REAL. Today's guest is the one, the only, Dr. Adi Jaffe! We talk about our shared love of saying fuck you to stigma and our shared experience of being in recovery without being sober. We also talk about our embarrassing bleached-blond hair phase (Jay as an homage to Eminem, Adi was pre-Eminem) and their mutual respect for The Beastie Boys, among other, more important topics!
Dr. Jaffe is the founder of IGNTD Recovery, which is an incredible recovery program helping people into recovery through harm reduction ideology and the belief that recovery needs to be personable and without labels. Find out more at https://www.igntd.com/ and buy his book The Abstinence Myth at my Bookshop link!
This episode is, as Jay calls it in the interview, a full circle moment. It was Adi who, through his podcast and his book, showed Jay that he could be part of a community in recovery without going through AA after half a decade of keeping it a secret and feeling very alone in his 'non-traditional' recovery experience.
Today's Good Egg: Speak up! Be the one to say something when something needs to be said.
Looking for someone to wow your audience now that the world is reopening? My speaking calendar is booking up fast! But if you're interested in bringing me to your campus, your community group, your organization or any other location to speak about Mental Health, Substance Misuse & Recovery, or Drug Use & Policy, reach out to my strategist Ryan Holzhauer at ryan@jayshifman.com.

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