Season 6. Ep. 2: Breaking Generational Curses & Breaking the Cycle with Araceli Vargas | CHINGONA GUEST SPEAKER EDITION


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My name is Araceli Vargas Ayala. I’m 27 years old, pursuing my J.D. to become an environmental lawyer focusing on water rights, and being an advocate for clean drinking water for everyone, especially the minorities who do not have the resources and/or opportunities to be educated on clean drinking water. I live in Chico, California.

I come from a family of migrant workers. I’m first generation Mexican American and the first to graduate from a university. My family immigrated from Morelia, Michoacán with the help of coyotes. At the time, my mom was 7yrs old, my uncle 6, and my grandparents were 25yrs and 26yrs of age. They worked from California to Washington picking cherries, peaches, strawberries, etc. They remained in Santa Maria, California but moved to Marysville, California right before I was born.

Araceli shares her story to remind those in need that you are not alone.

Araceli volunteered & consented to record her story.

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