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Scott is no stranger to big stages, as he was Gregg Allman's guitarist and musical director until his death, and is now the newest member of Little Feat. An incredible guitarist and singer, Sharrard's musical journey started long before his time with these venerable bands. Greg and Scott get into the details!
2:36 - Scott’s home and creative anchor: The Rust Belt, and musical influence of Southern Roots music
10:36 - Growing up with a singer-songwriter father, records and guitars scattered around the house, and the support of loving parents
18:14 - The love of Roots music, Guitar Gods Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix, and the true lessons taken from arguably the greatest generation of guitar players
35:24 - Scott’s transition to New York, and his plan to make music happen amidst a difficult cultural and political background
42:02 - Scott’s connection with Gregg Allman and Peter Frampton, and the glory of The Alllman Brothers and Humble Pie
60:30 - Scott’s time with The Allman brothers - challenges and successes
Total Length: 85:57

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