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The legendary Robben Ford has played with everyone from Miles Davis to KISS, and over his long career, he's consistently pushed the boundaries of his own incredible guitar playing to dizzying heights. Greg and Robben catch up on the former LA musician's current life in Nashville, Robben's new record "Pure", the Guitar Dojo, vintage guitars, and other topics of true gristle delight!
1:16 - Robben’s move to Nashville, and the warmth of the city he fully embraced
2:47 - Robben’s confident foray into the world of social media, how he came to find personal success doing so, and the enriching value of teaching
8:14 - Life during lockdown with Robben Ford, the Robben Ford Guitar Dojo, and producing a number of fun new records
13:08 - The recording of Robben’s new record
15:10 - Life in Ojai, California compared to life in Nashville
17:06 - Thoughts on touring now that the pandemic is easing
22:45 - Robben’s guitar collection through the years - the Fender Esprit, his telecaster, Les Paul, and love affair with vintage guitars
30:59 - The Dumble (and more amp talk)
46:12 - The importance of hearing safety, and a few funny stories about stage volume
53:35 - How might Robben have done things differently throughout his career
61:21 - Music in a post-pandemic world
Total Length: 68:48

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