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A potentate of the instrumental guitar relm, Prashant is an incredible player, engineer and producer. Greg digs into Prashant's musical journey through the Berklee College of Music, Greg Howe, and then onto the LA music scene.

1:52 - Prashant’s year in 2020 - moving from LA to Northern California, celebrating the birth of his third child, and treasuring time with family
5:19 - Coming out to your parents that you want to be a professional musician, and Prashant’s experience telling his parents as a first-generation American
7:37 - Prashant’s experience attending Berklee College of Music, and translating classical Indian instrumentation and musicality to guitar-music, improvisation, jazz, and rock
19:24 - Taking lessons from guitarist Greg Howe, and the recording of Prashant’s first album
24:14 - The story behind Prashant’s self-distributed album, a one-way ticket to Milan, and his move to LA to work in Pop music
35:07 - The transition to recording and producing professionally, and the importance of staying creative and understanding that word-of-mouth is the best gig-finder a musician can utilize
40:38 - How have things changed over time in the music scene of Los Angeles, and how social media plays a role
Total Length: 71:45

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