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Elliot Easton redefined what it means to be a guitar hero as a founding member of The Cars. His melodic and concise solos are absolutely essential to those classic Cars records. Elliot and Greg connect about The Cars, Elliot's early years, and his individual approach to the guitar!
1:36 - The latest and greatest with Elliot as the pandemic winds its way down (hopefully)
5:57 - A young Elliot growing up in New York and his obsession with guitar from early on
14:49 - Elliot’s time with The Cars and his approach to soloing
23:04 - The formation of The Cars
31:29 - The evolution of early The Cars arrangements, and the fashion decisions behind the band
33:21 - Elliots rig when touring regularly with The Cars
36:33 - Performing and playing as a Lefty
42:49 - Downtime with the guitar - practice versus play
46:57 - Elliot’s first show (will blow your mind)
Total Length: 58:37

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