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Daryl has been the exceptional touring guitarist/bassist with Genesis since 1977 (42 years), and Phil Collins' main guitarist since his first solo album. Besides digging into his time with both, Greg and Daryl talk about his early years with Jean Luc Ponty, Gino Vannelli, and Daryl's solo project, and also what it's like for a touring musician to live in Milwaukee!
1:11 - Moments before the pandemic, the near-reuniting of Genesis, and how the band prepares for rehearsal
7:51 - Daryl’s gear on the road with Genesis, his new Mesa Badlander and Godin guitars, and the power of in-ear monitors
11:09 - How improvisation plays into a Genesis show
13:16 - Daryl’s early days on guitar - influences, style, and early bands with his brother
20:02 - How Daryl got tied into working with Genesis, and the importance of preparation
31:31 - Recording "In the Air Tonight"
33:26 - The Secret Policeman's Other Ball
34:34 - Phil Collins as a drummer - whoa
39:55 - Adjusting to the ascent to playing with Rock ’n Roll royalty, and having to shift his style to accommodate the needs
45:51 - Daryl’s transition back to Milwaukee
51:19 - Daryl’s solo project
Total Length: 68:42

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