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Arlen is the father of modern-day guitar instruction, and widely known as the "Master of the Telecaster". His early "Hot Licks" series of videos changed the medium by which many of us would learn guitar, and his book "Slide Guitar" influenced many of today's guitar heroes (including Greg)! Greg and Arlen go back to the beginning and talk about his upbringing, the scene in Woodstock NY, and what Arlen's been up to as of late!

1:44 - Arlen’s book “Slide Guitar” (written at 19 on tour with John Prine), and his inspiration to write it
9:50 - How Arlen developed his transcription chops, music theory, and developing his ear
15:09 - Growing up in a family of cartoonists, and the encouragement of artistic expression
20:24 - How Arlen got turned on to early Roots music, and attending art school
25:05 - Woodstock, NY, the artistic community centered around the town, linking up with John Prine, and playing in New York City
35:00 - What lead Arlen to creating teaching material
39:29 - Some good guitar stories - from behind the camera, on the road, etc
50:56 - Arlen’s relationship with Danny Gatton
61:33 - What Arlen’s been up to these days (an upcoming album, acoustic performances, clinics, oh my!)
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