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Season 3 is off to a great start with Ariel! Known for his stunning solo releases and also his time with The Bros. Landreth, Ariel is one of the most popular and lauded modern guitarists out there. Greg gets deep with Ariel regarding his musical journey, techniques, and gear. Enjoy the ride as Season 3 gets going with Ariel Posen!

2:17 - Greg’s influence on Ariel in his early days via his “Best of Stevie Ray Vaughan” video
4:46 - Growing up in Winnipeg as a player and musician — ‘What’s in the water??’
14:37 - The turning point for Ariel as a ‘professional musician’ — transitioning out of high school and working part-time jobs to diving head first into playing full-time
16:58 - Ariel’s musical and slide guitar inspired influences
25:22 - Ariel’s main guitar, favorite fuzz pedal, slide tricks, and everything in between
48:01 - Ariel’s time during COVID
70:42 - Releasing music in today’s modern age
Total Length: 86:59

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