#220 Jonathan Little: Poker Coaching & Degeneracy


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Today’s guest on CPG needs no introduction but he’s gonna get one anyway…
Jonathan Little has amassed $7.4 million in lifetime live MTT cashes (Including 2 WPT titles & the season 6 WPT Player of the Year award), has built an audience of more than 127,000 on YouTube, and runs one of the largest poker training platforms on the market PokerCoaching.com.
He’s also a collector… which makes a lot of sense considering his background in Magic: The Gathering & the sheer coaching talent he’s put together (Including yours truly) over at PokerCoaching.com.
And because of his unquenchable appetite for collecting all the things, he’s also recently launched an NFT project with *SHOCKER* actual real-world utility called “Deck of Degeneracy”.
The premise is simple enough that it makes sense even to an NFT noob like myself :
JL & his crew minted 50 decks of 54 playing cards (a whopping 2,700 total NFTs designed by artist Wes Henry) and, by owning an NFTs, you get access to a membership club.
Once you’re in, JL & his team have come up with fun challenges (like collecting a Royal Flush) so that you can earn additional perks like a 1% freeroll in the $50k Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open that’s worth ~$500.
If you’d like to learn more outside of this podcast episode, you can also head to DeckofDegeneracy.com.
Now, without any further ado, I bring to you the founder of PokerCoaching.com and great friend of the CPG podcast… the one and only Jonathan Little.

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