#216: Bringing your small business into web3


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I believe that ​​our education systems and how our society is structured traps us. We are taught to fit within a mold so that we are ‘employable’ and can hopefully find a job that allows us enough pay to live comfortably and gives us a few weeks off a year. ⁣

Yet inflation is skyrocketing, the cost of living is outrageous and people feel disconnected from things that genuinely make them come alive. ⁣

We need change. ⁣

I know for many of you reading this, you feel that way too as entrepreneurship is about taking a step away from all of that.

For almost a year now I have been exploring blockchain technology (crypto) and web3. ⁣

There are many things that overlap with my passions and curiosities. Entrepreneurship, sovereignty, community care, innovation, philosophy, and more. ⁣

Like every sector there are people in the space whose only real objective is making money with little regard for others.⁣

However there's also an emergence of concepts and ways of creating that previously could only work in small microscopic ways. ⁣

On this week's podcast I explore ways in which you could possibly use these things in your own business. As well we explore public goods, community resource sharing, regenerative economics that value the environment and sustaining it, trying to solve complex philosophical problems in the open, building out systems that can help mass amounts of people achieve financial freedom through shared rewards and more. ⁣

The more time I spend learning the more I can see how revolutionary it can be if we empower ourselves to learn about it. ⁣

There is a massive learning curve, but I fundamentally believe it is worth it. ⁣

⁣I also believe that online entrepreneurs like you and I are so close to it already as we need to keep up with changing directions of the internet. ⁣

Always feel free to hit reply if you have any questions or shoot me a message on IG (@lanadingwall) or twitter (@lanzdingz)⁣

Our world is shifting and I want to ensure that people who are community oriented have the tools and resources needed to participate in this space - otherwise it’s just going to be the same old power systems. ⁣

We have an opportunity to make a shift, but it’s going to require enough of us to learn and actively participate. I’ll be using my podcast to help with that and I hope you follow along and learn how you can use this technology in your own business as well.

You’re doing better than you realize.

Until next week,


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