#26 [EN] Helping consumers make informed healthy eating decisions, Nico HEUVINCK, IÉSEG, Professor


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Nico is an expert in consumer behavior and investigates at IÉSEG various consumer psychology related phenomena such as consumer lay beliefs in healthy food decision-making.

It is the topic of today’s episode!

After having spent a few years on the business side – understanding “how to trick the consumer” – he decided to help consumers realize how they are influenced and therefore make better decisions when buying a product.

Only 15% of our food choices are conscious: this gives a pretty good measure of the importance of getting to know what influences us.

Most of this marketing is done in order to increase profit: packaging colors, textures, recycled or virgin, and more. For example, we are more inclined to perceive a product in a recycled packaging as healthier. Which makes no sense.

So how do we rely on much more factual information?

Have a listen to become more conscious!

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