127: Lessons From the Rat Seminar with Paula Shaw on Change It Up Radio


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Join Paula as she tells a tale from her own life, recanting the ups and downs of what she now refers to as "Lessons From the Rat Seminar."

Paula expounds on her own experience of living in a home that suddenly became rat-infested, creating nightly fears and trauma that eventually forced her into a move that she did not want and had not planned on. She relates her story to every experience of unwanted or unexpected change that usually begins with shock and upheaval, creates emotional havoc, yet often leads us to much-needed change that up levels our life experience.

Through her narrative, Paula takes us through the dimensions that are synonymous with the Dimensions of Grief and ends with the 4 Elements that are critical to being complete with difficult life experiences.

Please join Paula for this traumatic but miraculous adventure that she now jokingly refers to as "The Rat Seminar." You'll be glad you did!

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