125: Ending the Silent Suffering of PTSD with Jack Gutman on Change It Up Radio with Paula Shaw


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Today we're talking about healing the painful wounds of war and breaking free from the suffering of post-traumatic stress.

For many people, when they hear the term "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder," or "PTSD," their minds tend to gravitate toward the image of traumatized soldiers returning home from war after witnessing their comrades being seriously injured and killed. But, PTSD not only impacts the lives of our brave veterans; it can also affect any individual that has witnessed or experienced a traumatic event at some point in their life.

A traumatic event can range from a serious car accident or painful breakup to the terrors of a natural disaster or emotionally devastating childhood trauma. The pain from our past can extend beyond the initial moment or time period of that trauma and follow us around throughout the course of our lives, potentially damaging our relationships and disrupting all of our attempts at living a joyful life.

Unfortunately, many people that suffer from PTSD remain silent about their struggle, which can lead to debilitating anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, anger, shame, and self-isolation. While healing the pain and traumas of our past can be extremely difficult, as this requires courage and vulnerability to ask for help, it is possible.

Today I’m joined by my Dad and World War II Veteran, Jack Gutman, who at the age of 18 participated in the Normandy Invasion. He shares his painful recollection of what it was like to prepare, participate, and survive one of the most grueling days in human history, discusses his journey of healing the wounds of war after a 66 year-long struggle with PTSD, and also shares his experience with post-traumatic stress after miraculously surviving a recent stroke.

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