Mindless Wrestling Podcast: The WWE NXT 2.Over??? Plus The PWI 500, and more!


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It's PWI 500 season, and you know what that means...time to break it down! Plus a new shift for WWE NXT?

The PWI annual top 500 Wrestlers has dropped. We discuss the top 30. Who moved up? Who moved down? Then, with seemingly another NXT re-brand on the horizon, we discuss the last 12 months of NXT 2.0

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Every week, DJ, Rob and Jason break down the goings on in WWE and Pro-wrestling, with a bit of humor and a lot of common sense. Guest hosts, insight, facts and figures and MUCH more!

You can call it Pro-wrestling, you can call it Sports Entertainment, you can call it whatever you want, just call it in the ring!

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Featuring shows such as Bandwagon Nerds (entertainment & popular culture), The DW

Featuring shows such as Bandwagon Nerds (entertainment & popular culture), The DWI Podcast (Drunk Wrestling Intellect), The Greg DeMarco Show (wrestling), The #Miranda Show (wrestling and entertainment), Chairshot Radio Hockey Talk, Patrick O’Dowd’s Chairshot Radio 5×5 (pop culture), PC Tunney’s Chairshot Bets (Sports), Down The Wire (Sports), Lucha Central Weekly (wrestling & lucha libre), Talk The Keki (Anime), The Mindless Wrestling Podcast, and more!

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