Chairshot Radio: Musical Chairs S2:E5- Alter Bridge & Seven Nations [092022]


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This week on Musical Chairs, the guys take a more personal approach to their choices as they both select bands that resonate with them on a significantly deeper level. Dave takes a close look at Alter Bridge. Perhaps best known for Edge's theme song, there is much more to this band than just that. Dave & Patrick dispel the notion that Alter Bridge was nothing more than a Creed rip off here this week. Then Patrick introduces many of us (including Dave) to Seven Nations. This band, with its heavy Celtic influence and distinctive sound, never signed to a major label but has been putting out great music since the early 90's. We scratch the surface of a different kind of Seven Nations army right here on this week's installment of Musical Chairs!

Today's hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • Musical Chairs focuses in on Alter Bridge & Seven Nations.

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