Episode 078: Cecilia Reyes (feat. Stephanie Williams)


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In Episode 78 of CEREBRO, Connor and returning guest Steph Williams (Nubia and the Amazons) scrub in for surgery with Dr. Cecilia Reyes! Created by Scott Lobdell and Carlos Pacheco, Cecilia is a young Afro-Puerto Rican resident hiding her mutant power, with no interest in being a superhero. After a brief tenure with the X-Men she's mostly been relegated to a supporting role, but recently has become the primary medical expert on Krakoa.

The CEREBRO character file on Dr. Reyes begins at 1:12:50.

(Content Advisory: Cecilia's story includes genocide and medical atrocities in a death camp, because the 2002 Weapon X series simply cannot help itself. We also discuss the suicide of another character.)

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