Episode 075: Eleanor Murch & Peter (feat. Zeb Wells)


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In Episode 75 of CEREBRO, the SEASON 2 FINALE, Connor and Marvel writer Zeb Wells are sung to sleep by Eleanor Murch, the nefarious Nanny! Created by Louise and Walt Simonson, Nanny and her special Lost Boy, Peter the Orphan-Maker, have been peculiar thorns in the X-Men's side for decades. Now, after Zeb's critically-acclaimed series Hellions, they have become unlikely fan favorites.

The CEREBRO character file on Nanny and the Orphan-Maker begins at 51:16.

(Content Advisory: Nanny and Peter's story includes child abuse, emotional abuse in general, brainwashing, and non-consensual body modification.)

CEREBRO Season 3 will premiere in May! Thank you as always for listening.

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