Episode 056: Illyana Rasputina (feat. Leah Williams)


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In Episode 56 of CEREBRO, concluding the three-part HALLOWE'EN SPOOKTACULAR, Connor and Marvel's Leah Williams (X-Factor, X-Men: The Trial of Magneto) seize the throne of Limbo with Illyana Rasputina, the magnificent Magik! Introduced as Colossus's kid sister, Illyana became a star of the original New Mutants in the 80s when she fell into a Hell dimension and survived to conquer it. After spending a number of years killed off, she is now one of the X-Men franchise's most recognizable stars.

The CEREBRO character file on Magik begins at 57:01.

(Content Advisory: Illyana's story includes child abuse including child sex abuse, sexual violence, involuntary body modification, suicide, and the death of a child from illness.)

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