Wrestling with Risk - Aaron Grossman - Episode # 006


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The habits instilled by over 20 years of wrestling training have prepared Aaron Grossman, CEO of TalentLaunch and Alliance Solutions Group, for the physical and mental challenges of entrepreneurship. Starting and growing a business isn’t for the faint of heart, and knowing how and when to take a risk can pay off with big rewards. Aaron shares his unique experiences with host Alex G on this special episode of CEO Confidential.


  • As an entrepreneur you have to be confident in being able to take risks, you know that not all of the risks are going to create wins.
  • “Failures are a great opportunity to learn if you are reflecting in the correct way and you’re allowing the risk to pay off… a risk can also pay off if they don’t go the right way because you can still grow.” - Aaron Grossman
  • On adversity Aaron says, “I treat every day like it’s a wrestling match or practice, and how much am I going to put in and how much do I want to get better every day.”
  • Let fear help you, don’t let it sit in the driver’s seat, but it can be a useful tool
  • Who’s helping you? You can’t be chief technology officer, chief financial officer - you can’t be it all! Get the right help
  • Know your strengths as an entrepreneur, don’t let ego get in the way
  • Say no to good things! If it’s hard to let go of potential opportunities, have people on your team or an advisory board that can check you to your goals/vision



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