Ep 135 - Success-Driven Mindset - Meet Oleg Kislyansky


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Alex welcomes the COO of North Coast Auto Mall, Oleg Kislyansky onto the show to talk about vision, failure, growth, going from a non-data driven organization to a data-driven one, and much more. Buckle up and get ready for one inspiring and entertaining ride!


  • Crazy ways to say hello and epiphanies of a new father
  • Oleg’s curiosity, hyperfocus, how he used that to better his business during COVID
  • “Punching above your weight” and moving up within the auto industry
  • Impostor syndrome and underestimating yourself vs other people underestimating you
  • Oleg’s “secret sauce” for a good business
  • The importance of getting employees to follow your vision and how to get them to do that
  • The format of Oleg’s sales meetings
  • The format of Alex’s meetings
  • Oleg’s failures and how he’s learned from them
  • Going from a non-data driven organization to a data-driven organization
  • Alex’s book recommendations


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