Ep 117 – Accounting for Business Growth – Meet Chuck Mullen


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Fellow podcaster and chairman of Apple Growth Partners, Mr. Chuck Mullen, joins Alex to talk about how entrepreneurs can benefit from working with a CPA, with great information on succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, valuation, and more. Connect with Chuck on LinkedIn or at Applegrowth.com, where you can also explore Chuck’s podcast, Sliced.


  • CPAs doing more than accounting – Health Growth Checkup Process, Client Experience
  • Business Success stories - Experience pays off and hard work pays off
  • Discovering a knack for accounting
  • What a CPA can do for an entrepreneur
  • Succession Planning – Having tough conversations about the future of a company
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Making them happen; The status of the M&A market
  • Bracing for recession
  • Valuation debates; When a deal needs to be stopped
  • Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Partners
  • The joy of Transcendental Meditation


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