Ep 116 – Risky Trades and Safe Bets – Meet TJ Gliha


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Get familiar with the ins and outs of proprietary trading, and how TJ Gliha went from the stock exchange floor to become Vice President of Private Client Services at Sequoia Financial Group. What are traders doing with their hands? What has QUANTS meant for Wall Street? How does TJ help business owners think through succession, financial independence, and capital structure? Find out this week on BPE. Connect with TJ on LinkedIn and visit Sequoia Financial Group online at sequoia-financial.com


  • An interest in investments leads to an internship in NYC;
  • New love and learning to trade in Chicago;
  • The path to proprietary trading;
  • Gambling and risk; Minimizing loss;
  • QUANTS and how a computer changed the game;
  • Prioritizing family and Sequoia Financial;
  • Helping business owners manage wealth and prepare for their futures;
  • Recession as an opportunity;
  • What Sequoia does for businesses and how it started.


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