Alignment In Partnership - Louis Licata - Episode # 007


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Learning how to become aligned within a partnership is difficult. Louis Licata, Co-Manager of Gertsberg Licata, discusses how he developed as a partner and an individual after being betrayed by his co-founders in their start-up law firm. Louis reminds us that when working with other partners, make sure you share the same core business values, and keep your ego in check.


  • Treat your business partners like partners; respect them as equals.
  • Have similar core business values and long-term visions as your business partners in order to have alignment. Without alignment between partners, behavior is misread and trust issues are formed.
  • You may have many skills, but you may not be utilizing them properly in your business. Once you become aware of these skills, you can work on developing as a business person.
  • Look at yourself and your failures as a partner in order to grow; keep your ego in check, and admit when you’re wrong.
  • Confirmation bias can work against you, and can block you from big opportunities.
  • You do not need partners; you are capable of starting a business as a sole proprietor.
  • Betrayal in a career is not always personal, it’s just business.


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