Let's Talk Fort Worth: CCPD Funding is it Being Allocated Fairly


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On this segment of "Let's Talk Fort Worth" we'll discuss is CCPD funding through the FWPD being allocated fairly. We will look at the Who, What, When, Where, and How's of CCPD funding. Who qualifies for CCPD funding? What is CCPD funding through the FWPD? When can you apply for the funding? Where can you get more information about CCPD? And How long does it take to get this funding? According to the FWPD's website the goal of CCPD funding is to assist community based organizations in achieving the mission of CCPD: “To enhance the Fort Worth Police Department’s ability to provide quality service and to work in partnership with the community to reduce crime and create a safe environment for all.” Opportunities for funding are available for agencies that serve the public in addressing community crime and safety issues, and will strengthen non-profit agencies in their responses to crime and safety problems in order to establish long-term change.

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