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In this episode, Mike and Luke Thomas have a great conversation about remote work and the implications of the continuation of remote work. Luke Thomas is the Founder of Friday and the author of The Anywhere Operating System.

Key Takeaways:

  • People don’t need to be convinced to work from anywhere because they already are. Instead they need a series of practical tooling on guidance on how to actually make it work.
  • The thing missing the most from the work from anywhere environment is context.
  • We need to ensure there is an easily accessible place for people to get company announcements around strategy, new hires, company goals, etc..
  • The act of documenting requires a level of intention and care.
  • As more people work from home, more tools to help will become available.
  • Be thoughtful about the communication channel you use to deliver your messages.
  • Ask yourself, if the conversation has a job, what would that job be?
  • 2x2 for communication:
    • Do you know the person?
    • What kind of information are you sharing?
  • Lasting changes will unfold or are currently unfolding.
  • Hybrid work will probably be the default initially with a shift more toward remote work.
  • We likely will experience a lower demand for commercial real estate and restaurants near large office areas.

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