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In this episode, Mike has some exciting news and he talks with Jody Maberry, about getting your message out, those who are catalysts in your life and podcasting.

Key Takeaways:

  • A catalyst is somebody that gets you started. A spark or inspiration that gets you started down the path.
  • You have a lot in your head that other people are going to find valuable.
  • It helps sometimes to have another person to bounce things off of or to give you a reason to speak it out loud.
  • When you have to show up every week and have something to say, you start to understand what you believe and what you stand for and what your experience really is. This is a great benefit of doing a podcast.
  • It is so powerful to have to say what you think and believe all the time.

Call To Action:

Think about the thing you have been putting off and go out and start doing it.

Email us at and let us know who your catalyst was that encouraged you to start - we would love to have them on the show!

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