'Catwoman' Creator Shake-Up & Other DC Craziness


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The DC Comics January 2022 solicitations are around the corner, and there’s so much to talk about: Mark Waid is teaming with Dan Mora, Nightwing's got a new costume (sorta), and Tini Howard is a full-fledged CATWOMAN writer now! All this plus: a new origin for Marvel Studios' FANTASTIC FOUR and... could Spider-Man be a killer?
Time Stamps:
News: 3:36

  • Nightwing's Duds: 4:13
  • Tini Howard's 'Catwoman': 7:13
  • Mark Waid & Dan Mora at DC: 11:36

Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues: 15:12
Listener Question: 21:12
Back Matter: 27:13
Outro: 33:32

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