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Tuesday, November 15, 2022 • Guest: Zack Klapman For the last 12 years, the hilarious Zack Klapman has been on ‘The Smoking Tire’ and tonight’s episode starts off with him telling us how it happened. The conversation moves into how TST evolved and the rise of reaction content to other content. We catch up with Canada Mike, and a discussion about various Kevin Smith movies, as well as Ben Affleck unfolds. Also, did Brad Pitt once hit on Nicole? Did Jennifer Aniston hit on J? Gotta watch to find out! Canada Mike told the story of how he met Governor Sarah Palin and she endorsed The Letterman Podcast! Conversation shifts to the LA auto show. J and Nicole will be at the Cars and Coffee portion, and observe how many C&C’s have evolved into mini car shows. Zack talks about his experience with SIMA and enjoys the elements that go beyond parking cars just to look at. The talk shifts to E cars, specifically the cyber truck and its size and feasibility. Also cab forward vehicles. We would also like to wish Jay Leno a speedy recovery for his injuries. Zack tabout the BMW they are giving away. We also continue the mini saga and J updates us what is happening with theirs, and how fun the new minis are, and compare the Mini resurgence to that of the VW Beetle. THANK YOU for being with us! 🎙❤️✨ Inside Jokes: Wicked dry-wicked funny, we’ve been working towards a future for 12 years, tv plus cars? A podcast on TV, I was a really good student, which Kevin Smith movie came first? Love the speak and spell, I’m just here to scare children, we’re talking about concrete and pillars aren’t we? Look -I’m a 3M tape person you’re a screws person but we make it work, Leno-good segue, remember the first time when I was here and we, alright now the fun stuff, it’s like 12th on my list but I’ll add it, it sounds nuts, they might look at my car and go that’s stupid, nothing judgmental is a constant struggle, i’d rather go to the melting pot, through the windmill, Black windows either bulletproof or broken, he made it out of foam, I don’t know the metallurgy of stainless steel, it’s a crime scene now, that five story parking structure is gone? Love good crowd work, Pete Holmes is great, we like our guests to be as uncomfortable as possible, it’s a really fun slide, isn’t that what happened to two face? It’s bigger inside than outside, it’s the new beetle we didn’t get, that’s called yes anding, Made possible by: @stclairinsurance #coverageforyourtoys • @series1films #numberone • @autokennel #bettercallpaul • @tlgauto #comeonhome ST CLAIR INSURANCE: SERIES 1 FILMS: HELLO DELI: Hashtags: #cars #comedy #carsandcomedyoriginstory #latenightplayset #classic #latenight #talkshow #podcast #notapodcast #itstonightsshow #liveitwhileyagotit #thelettermanpodcast #davidletterman #autoimmunityfoundation #fuckMS #multiplesclerosis #porsche #porschelife #liveitwhileyagotit Follow us on Instagram: @therealzackklapman @carsandcomedy111 @newlifeofoldnicole @autoimmunityfoundation @latenightplayset @thelettermanpodcast @worldwidepantspodcasts @goodvibesbreakfastclub --- Send in a voice message:

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